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What is Slendertone

Muscle Toning & Strengthening For Men & Women

Slendertone is the world leader in EMS technology, our products are clinically proven to improve muscle strength, tone and body shape. Our toning products include everything you need to tone, firm and strengthen your muscles.
Slendertone ultimate toning for men and women
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We're Clinically Proven To Give You Stronger Abs in 4-6 Weeks

Does Slendertone really work

*Clinical trial conducted by Dr. John Porcari, University of Wisconsin, La-Crosse. Flex & Walking (University of Ulster).

Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it

    "I Can Now Fit Into My Old Trousers!"
    - Slendertone Connect by Linda Cotton 01/09/2016

    "I bought Slendertone Connect as a last resort to try and get rid of my tummy. Slendertone as been a gift for me as I can't do many exercises and had put loads of weight on the tummy area, with using Slendertone I can now get into my old trousers. Thank you!

    "Slendertone Really Targets The Muscles!"
    - Slendertone Abs7 by Stephen Clark 01/09/2016

    "I have had other E M S products previously but they are not as comfortable as Slendertone. I find Slendertone to be much more targeted at the muscles you want to target. It definitely flattens and tones stomach muscles. loads of strength settings which is great as everyone can find something to suit their needs.

    "Fantastic Addition To Your Exercise Regime!"
    - Slendertone Bottom by Nina M 01/09/2016

    "This is an essential if you want to use the word 'pert' to describe your bottom! Within 4 weeks I could see a definite lift,. That was without really doing much more than wearing them for half an hour four times a week. When combined with decent exercising they are brilliant! These magic pants are so easy and convenient to work into your daily life. It was so easy to wear them in the evenings when watching tv or sitting at the computer. They work 100%, you can feel the muscles in the glutes getting harder and higher but if you are not healthy eating and exercising generally you wont 'see' what these beauties do to your buns because it will be hidden under the fat. If you appreciate that these are an enhancer that compliment your workouts and can turn your bottom from pretty good to totally smokin' then I advise you to get yourself a pair of these pronto because you won't be disappointed!!

* These are personal reviews, results may vary.