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Slendertone Premium Abs Belt For Men

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Slendertone Premium Abs is our most advanced abs toning belt for men providing stronger and more defined abs from just 4 weeks. Use 5 times a week for 4 weeks to achieve firmer and more toned abs. Have you seen our Bundle Deals?



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Intensity Levels:
Weeks to results:

Our most advanced abs belt offers the greatest intensity (up to 150) and number of programmes (10). Within those programmes, there are 7 passive programmes (no physical activity required) and 3 active programmes (use the belt while doing exercise).

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Slendertone Abs Male features:

  • 10 programmes: 7 are passive programmes (no physical activity required) and 3 are active (with physical activity)
  • Programmes 1 to 6: Evolved programmes from Initiation to Pro
  • Programme 7: Specific Strength
  • Programme 8: Endurance (can be used with a low cardio activity. E.g. active walk or home bike)
  • Programme 9: Beginner Crunch (use the belt while doing front crunches)
  • Programme 10: Advanced Crunch (use the belt while doing lateral crunches)
  • 0-150 intensity for maximum power to suit all users
  • 0-30 minute treatments
  • Built-in warm up and cool down phases to ensure correct muscle usage
  • Intelligent training system to auto-progress through the programmes
  • Patented 3 pads positioned around waist over the belly button and either side
  • Hand held rechargeable & interchangeable controller – suitable for use with Slendertone Arms Male Accessory
  • Certified to medical safety standards

* Slendertone ab belts must be used as per the guidelines stated in the instruction manual. For best results, we recommend that you use your Slendertone belt in conjunction with a normal, healthy diet and exercise.

This product fits the following sizes:
Waist: 27”- 47” / 69-119cm

What's in the box:

  • Slendertone Abs garment.
  • Rechargeable controller.
  • set of pads.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Quickstart guide.
  • Travel pouch.

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Clinically proven results:

All Slendertone products undergo rigorous clinical trials. Slendertone Abs Male is clinically proven for a firmer and flatter stomach in 4 weeks:

  • 100% of users reporting firmer more toned abs
  • 72% increase in abdominal endurance
  • 49% increase in abdominal strength
  • 20 mins = 120 abdominal crunches
  • Rechargeable hand-held controller - works with Arms accessory

*Clinical trial conducted by Dr. John Porcari, University of Wisconsin, La-Crosse. Flex & Walking (University of Ulster).

What the experts say:

Jarod Chapman: London based celebrity personal trainer: "Many of my male clients want to know the easy way to train for that natural muscular and masculine body. Using a gadget such as Slendertone Abs Belt in addition to your strength training sessions, will result in the perfect athletic physique.”

Make Slendertone part of your healthy lifestyle:

Use Slendertone as part of a healthy lifestyle: eat well, exercise (or move) a little and add tone. The appropriate exercise can alter, slow or even reverse the physiological changes that occur in muscle as we age. We believe beauty is more than skin deep, it starts from muscles. Muscle is an adaptive structure, to achieve tone and definition you must work on them continually, therefore we suggest using the Slendertone Abs belt 5 times a week for 4 weeks to achieve stronger and more toned abs. It can be used without any physical activity or while doing a physical activity. The additional programmes include sports pro crunch programmes to provide the ultimate Abs workout.

Recommended use for Slendertone Abs is five times a week to see results in just 4 weeks. After the initial 4 weeks, Slendertone recommends using it three times a week to maintain the muscle tone and shape.

slendertone reviews- Mark Cotterell, UK

"As summer approaches, I felt the need to do something about my 'keg', looking to make it more of a '6-pack'. I'm generally of slim build with any weight showing itself around my belly, which for me appears somewhat out of proportion so I want to get things back 'into balance'. So I ordered this as I'd previously read that a session of 20 minutes is the equivalent of completing 120 crunches. I've never been able to complete that many in one session (even when I was fit), so anything that allows me to do that must be more effective than me attempting a much lower number 'unaided'. I've only been using the belt for a week, and have already noticed a difference in how I carry my 'keg'. My abdomen certainly feels stronger and tighter, and I think my posture has improved slightly - presumably because my core-muscles are stronger. Any reduction in the size of the 'keg' has been down to me cutting red wine (something of a vice for me I'm afraid) out of my diet and eating more sensible sized portions of food. This belt won't help you to loose weight - it isn't designed to do that and you have to do that yourself - but what it does do is improve the strength and tone of your core muscles, and it's that combination that improves the appearance of your belly. I'll update this review in a few weeks as noticeable results should be obtained in 4-weeks. I'm very optimistic given the results I've seen/felt so far."

slendertone reviews- Ray, Coventry, UK

"I was a bit sceptic about it. But it really does work. My abs fell now a lot firmer and tighter. The instructions are very clear, and belt is very easy to set up. I am very happy with the purchase!"

slendertone reviews- David Ballingall, Swansea, UK

"I found the Slendertone very easy to use and the instructions were very clear. The suggested workout charts were helpful as well, as they give you an idea what you can achieve over a four week period. I encountered a little difficulty with the siting of the belt initially as it is quite important that you position it correctly in order to exercise the abs properly and I am definitely firming up after the four weeks. All in all a good product and one which I will continue using. It is also very portable which means you could take it on holiday."

slendertone reviews- Gary, London, UK

"I am impressed. It how much it actually works . Visible gains and strength gains. Happy with the results . My only advice is to use it consistently 5-6 times a week and don't take a week off . Also replace the lads every month . Very good product though ! Happy with results would reccomend."

slendertone reviews- Mike L, Dover, UK

"It really works, I am feeling better and others have noticed the difference in my shape. Would recommend it to others"

slendertone reviews- Stephen W, UK

"simple to operate. only needs recharging about every 7 days in continuous use. god progressive programmes; feel the effects after about 10 days."

slendertone reviews- Michael, England, UK

"I have been using it everyday for 3 weeks now and everybody at work has noticed the difference. I have started to loose that middle age spread and it is making me feel young again. The women in the office keep noticing my new streamlined body. Unfortunately they still don't look at my face. If you do a toning belt for that I want one."

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