Slendertone Controller, System Controller and System Plus Controller
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Slendertone Controller

Slendertone Rechargeable Controller Suitable For Abs7, Abs6, Premium Abs, System Abs, Arm Toner Accessory & Bottom Toner Accessory.
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The Slendertone controller powers the full range of Slendertone toning garments. Plug it into your chosen accessory, turn it on and it automatically pre-selects the right programme for you.

You can control the time and intensity from the palm of your hand, and it’s fully rechargeable and comes with the charger.

The Slendertone Controller is compatable with the following Slendertone products:

  • Slendertone Abs7 Unisex.
  • Slendertone Abs6 Unisex.
  • Slendertone Premium Abs.
  • Slendertone Arm Toner Accessory.
  • Slendertone Bottom Accessory

The unique interchangeability of the Slendertone controller allows you to use it with different garments in the Slendertone range, not to mention share it with a friend or partner who have garments of their own.

Build your collection over time and get new products as they become available; it’s the body-toning kit that’s tailored to your needs.

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