Do ab belts work?

Do ab belts work?


Do Ab Belts Work?

Have you ever wondered: Do ab belts work? Here at Slendertone we’re happy to give you the short answer - yes.

We have over 50 years of experience in developing products based on sound science, through a technology called Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) that has been used by medical professionals for years to rehabilitate injured muscles. It now has an established history in the fitness industry too.   

Attached to our belts are medical grade gelpads that sit directly on the user’s body. These then pass small electrical signals into your abs, making the muscles contract and relax. In fact, just 30 minutes of using a Slendertone will deliver 120 muscle toning contractions - after a few weeks, your abs will be feeling firmer and stronger.

Use Slendertone as part of your regular fitness routine along with a healthy diet and you will really start to see a difference. Are you still wondering: do ab belts work?

How it Feels

Signals are sent to the nerves causing them to contract and relax the muscles and are similar to regular toning exercises.

At first the sensation might feel a little strange, when you’re on the lowest setting. As you increase the intensity, the feeling changes from a mild tingle to a deep muscle contraction: This means both you and your Slendertone are working at the optimum level. In fact, there are multiple programs and intensity levels - some up to 130 – so you never plateau. 

The important thing to remember though, is Slendertone’s technology is both effective and safe. Our products have gone through rigorous testing in clinical trials to make sure they are developed to the highest standards. To find out more about us and what we do, head over to our Slendertone Heritage page.

Slendertone 10P Abdominal Muscle Toner


The Science

We’ve told you how our EMS technology sends signals to the nerves to contract your muscles, but no doubt you still want to know: do ab belts actually work? All of our products are rigorously tested during research and development, and independent research has also shown that Slendertone ab toners make a real difference to your major abdominal muscles. That’s why Slendertone products are cleared by the FDA.

In a clinical study, 100% of Slendertone users reported firmer, tighter abs in just six weeks.

Watch the video to the right and see what Dr John Porcari, lead author on these studies, has to say about why Slendertone products are so effective.

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