Frequently Asked Questions

The following are PDFs to some basic Frquently Asked Questions reagarding our technology.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation
Medical FAQs
Product and Care FAQs


Below are some general questions that tend to be asked from our customers:

1.) Will the product cause muscle soreness?

As with all exercise some muscle soreness can be expected. Use a low toning intensity on your Slendertone product if you are experiencing muscle soreness.

2.) How do I know when to replace the pads?

If the signal is weakening, even though the batteries are still OK, it usually indicates that the pads are worn and need replacing. Check this by inserting new batteries and/or adjusting the belt to ensure correct positioning. Replacement pads can be purchased from your nearest SLENDERTONE retailer, from or by calling the local SLENDERTONE Careline, see number at the top right hand side of page.

3.) The stimulation is uncomfortable. How can I improve this?

Ensure the pads are correctly positioned and pressed firmly against your skin. Tighten the belt around your waist. Remember to switch off your unit before repositioning the belt.

4.) The pads won't stick to the belt even though they are fairly new. Why is this?

Ensure the patterned side of each pad is placed on the belt. The black side of the pads goes onto your skin. Press the edges of each pad very firmly onto the belt before and after each session.

5.) I can feel a tingling in my legs during a session. What should I do?

Move the two small pads upward and inward on your waist (i.e. towards the center of your body).

6.) My skin is red after a session. Why?

Some skin redness after a session is natural. It is partly due to an increase in blood-flow and should fade after the treatment. It can also occur due to the pressure of the stretched belt. You should not be concerned about this, but should only wear the belt during a session. If it is excessive, you may have the intensity too high. If the problem persists, you should contact us on the careline number.

7.) My waist muscles are exercising but not my stomach muscles. Why?

Move the large pad down slightly. If this doesn't help, move the small pads to a smaller figure size setting and/ or increase the intensity.