Core Exercises for Men


Side Plank: How to Do It

The side plank is a core exercise for men that helps improve posture and muscle tone. It strengthens your back and your abs, making it an ideal complimentary exercise for Slendertone users.

Step One - Lie on your side, taking the weight of your upper body with one forearm. The arm should be bent so that your elbow is underneath your shoulder.

Step Two - Lift your hip and knees off the floor, using your forearm and side foot to take your weight. Keep your head, neck, back and legs aligned.

Step Three - Hold the position for as long as possible. Return to the start position, then repeat the exercise.

Core Exercises for Men: How They Work with Slendertone

If you're looking for a faster way to get firmer, stronger abs, then a Slendertone is hard to beat. But we realize people need a rounded daily routine consisting of daily exercise and a healthy diet. That's why we've recommended these core exercises for men, that will help improve fitness, posture and strength. Try them, alongside a Slendertone workout, and you'll really feel the difference they make to your abs.


Push Up: How to Do It

Push ups are a classic exercise that not only works your pectoral muscles (chest) but also help to strengthen your core.

Step One - Start on all fours, with your hands directly under your shoulders and fingers pointing forward.

Step Two - Engage your abs and push your body weight into your hands, bend the elbows and lower your body down, making sure to keep your body in a straight line.

Step Three - Push your hands into the floor to lift back to the starting position. Repeat exercise.