for Women

Slendertone offers Abdominal Toning Belts that will help you reach your fitness and toning goals.  If you are looking for firm, sexy abs Slendertone has a clinically demonstrated, medical grade solution for stomach toning.

Ab Belts

Discover which Slendertone abs product is best-suited to meet your toning needs. Whether it's our entry-level abs toning belt, Slendertone 4 Program, or our most powerful ab belt, Slendertone 10 Program, which is guaranteed to give you result in just 6-8 weeks. Take your first step towards achieving a firmer stomach.

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  • Bottom

    Slendertone Bottom is the latest bottom toning device in the Slendertone range. Slendertone Bottom focuses all it's toning power on your glutes. By replicating bottom toning exercises it is clinically proven to tone your bottom in just 6 weeks.

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  • Arms

    Arm Lift for Women is part of the Beauty Series line of products that targets the triceps muscles in the upper arm. This arm toner is clinically proven to tone and firm the upper arms in 6 weeks.

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  • Accessories

    Find all the Slendertone accessories you'll ever need for all products - batteries, controllers, belt extensions and more. Change accessory image, more compelling than shown.

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