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3 toning plans to get more out of your arm workouts

Maximise biceps and triceps exercises

Although we advise sitting down for your first arms session, all 3 training programmes can be used to get more out of diamond press-ups, triceps dips, biceps curls and inverted rows.

There are no excuses not to train!

If you struggle to find the time to hit the gym or the weights, you can still use all 3 toning plans when you’re walking the dog, stretching your legs on lunch breaks or even when you’re sitting behind your desk.

Clinically proven toning technology

Our clinically proven electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) tech transmits signals through the gel pads and directly to the nerves which control the biceps brachii and triceps brachii muscles.

These electrical signals are just like the ones your brain sends directly to your muscles when you’re exercising, running or lifting weights.

This causes the nerves to contract and relax your biceps and triceps, improving muscle definition and firmness.

What's in the box?

  • Slendertone biceps and triceps toner
  • Gel pads to get you started
  • Quick-start guide and manual
  • Controller sold separately
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