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How does Slendertone work?

During exercise or everyday activities like carrying shopping bags or keeping your back straight while sitting at your desk, the brain sends signals to the muscles via the nerves, making them contract and relax.

Slendertone, instead, utilises clinically-proven electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to emit signals directly from the belt to your abdominal muscles, causing them to contract, work and relax in a similar way.

Combining regular EMS toning sessions with an active lifestyle and clean diet firms and tightens your stomach muscles while increasing abdominal strength and endurance.

As well as the rectus abdominis and internal and external obliques, Slendertone also works the deep and difficult to activate transversus abdominis (Coughlan, 2008).

This muscle is the most effective at flattening the stomach and is extremely tricky to tone with conventional exercise and abs workouts.

Our full range tones muscles with high-tech EMS signals in the same way, targeting the glutes, biceps and triceps and the delicate facial muscles.

What makes our abs belts so unique and effective?

Slendertone offers more than just high-tech EMS. Every feature and technical specification has been expertly engineered to tone deeper and achieve a stronger core, making it the most effective toning belt on the market.

50Hz electrical pulse frequency

Proven to give maximum muscle toning (unlike brands such as Sixpad, which only use 20Hz).

Patented fit and design

The gel pads are specifically-placed on the sides and centre of the torso to tone the four abs muscles more effectively.

The gel pads have a unique conductive mesh which evenly distributes the stimulating signals for the most effective and comfortable abs workouts.

Finally, the compression belt is specifically sculpted to keep gel pads in full contact with the skin. This ensures that you’re getting the most out of every session.

Built for active lifestyles

Our belts can be worn during day-to-day activities, ab workouts and light circuits and exercise plans.

Decades of research

Perfected by scientists for over 50 years and backed by independent clinical trials.

What are the benefits of a stronger core?

A strong core offers much more than toned abs and a flatter tummy – it helps you run further, jump higher, sit straighter, stand taller and feel amazing.

Look great

Look great

- Tighter, more toned abdominal muscles

- A flatter, firmer tummy

- Reduce your waistline by an average of 3.5cm

Feel amazing

Feel amazing

- Increase your body confidence

- Fit into your clothes for holidays and upcoming events

- Feel stronger in the gym and everyday life

Improve performance

Improve performance

- Optimise sports performance and minimise injuries

- Improve your posture and reduce back pain

- Stay fit and active for a healthier, happier lifestyle

What abdominal muscles do Slendertone belts train?

How can I tone my core and abdominal muscles?

  • Ab workouts like sit-ups, planks and stomach crunches
  • Yoga and Pilates, which need balance and core control
  • High-impact sports including running, cycling and tennis
  • Kettlebells and activities like hooping and circus fitness
  • Climbing and bouldering, which engage all core muscles
  • Combat sports, which all generate power from the core

Slendertone workouts, however, are the most efficient and effective method for toning the essential abdominal muscles simultaneously, including the deep transversus abdominis, which is tricky to train with conventional sports and exercises.

The clinical research speaks for itself (and so do our results)

We work with independent professionals and leading universities to ensure that the clinical trials we conduct meet the highest possible efficacy standards.

Trials conducted by Dr John P. Porcari, Professor in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (2005 and 2018), found that:

To achieve the best results, we recommend toning at least 5 times per week during your 6-week Slendertone programme.

What does Slendertone feel like?

When you first turn it on, the feeling may be a little strange.

As you increase the intensity, the sensation goes from a mild, tingly feeling to distinct muscle contractions. This is when our muscle toner (and you) are optimising your workout.

The sensation is powerful but still comfortable enough to hold a conversation, work at your desk or do chores around the house while using it.

In comparison to other abs belts, Slendertone uses large three-layer, medically-graded hydrogel pads, which spread the stimulation comfortably and effectively.

As with any workout, your muscles may feel a little sore after your training session.

It should not be too uncomfortable, but you should feel like you’ve pushed yourself a little bit harder every time you tone.

If you’re experiencing discomfort, tone on a lower intensity and slowly build it up over the course of your training programme and during each sessions.

Everyone’s starting point and training level is different. Set your own toning goals and increase them at your own pace!

For the best results, make Slendertone part of a healthy, holistic lifestyle

There are no quick fixes when it comes to toned abs and stronger core muscles. For the best results, we recommend using Slendertone as part of a more active lifestyle with regular exercise and healthy eating.

You can use Slendertone during light exercise to enhance every movement, whether it’s during your abs workout or in your yoga and Pilates class.

Slendertone abs belts and products can also be discreetly equipped when performing simple day-to-day tasks like walking to work, cooking and cleaning the house, or even just sitting behind your desk.

If you’ve just started leading a healthier lifestyle, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

For training plans, abs workouts, motivational tips, healthy meals and new and exciting ways to keep fit and have fun, you can find all the information and inspiration you need on our blog.

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