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Meet our resident experts and ambassadors. They provide us with the very latest training advice and medical research, so that we can offer the best products and help you get more out of every session.

Our ambassadors

Alex Crockford

Alex is a full-time personal trainer and founder of CrockFit, a 12-week training and nutrition plan for enhancing tone, burning fat and learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I use the belt myself and recommend it to all my clients who want to train their abdominal region.

“Slendertone abs belts successfully activate 100% of your ab muscles, including the deep transversus abdominis, the core muscle responsible for giving you a flat stomach,” he says.

Julie Ferrez

Based in Paris, Julie is a personal trainer who hosts successful wellbeing retreats and launched Yog’n Dance, a group workout which combines yoga and classical dance moves. Her clients include former president Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni.

“I make my clients combine Slendertone with cardio and strengthening exercises, to help boost their performance,” she says. “Using the belt on a regular basis allows you to reach your toning objectives faster and helps you push your body that much harder.

“I advise using the abs belt to strengthen typically hard-to-reach abdominal muscles, as well as those in the back. I also recommend toning on rest days to become more aware of those deep muscles and gradually start to change everyday habits, like focussing on posture.

I mainly use it to get stronger and improve stamina, but also when I’m having ‘me’ time

“I mainly use it to get stronger and improve stamina, but also when I’m having ‘me’ time, going away for the weekend, or if I’ve cheated a little on my diet.

“What’s more, the belt is super lightweight and can easily and discreetly be worn under a loose shirt, so there are no excuses!”

Sonja Schmaelzle

Based in Berlin, Sonja is a certified personal trainer and back therapist with a passion for martial arts, especially taekwondo, which she has practised for over 20 years.

Sonja is currently developing an exercise system which incorporates martial arts into classic bottom, belly and arms toning workouts.

I often tone on those days when I have no workouts and training sessions with my clients.

“You can use Slendertone belts anytime and anywhere,” she says. “I often tone on those days when I have no workouts and training sessions with my clients."

“It’s a very good tool for complementing your workouts but you can use it even if you do not feel like training and want to stay in the flow. I recommend it especially to any new mums who are fighting to lose those last extra pounds after pregnancy.”

Our researchers

Dr John P Porcari

Dr John P Porcari (PhD) is a Professor in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse as well as a leading authority on the effectiveness of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) tech.

Dr Porcari is responsible for conducting many of our controlled, independent clinical trials, as well as publishing their proven results.

There is no question – Slendertone is going to increase the strength, firmness and tone of people’s abdominal muscles.

Dr Porcari’s clinical trials

In 2005, an 8-week training intervention (n=40), using the Slendertone Abs3 with repeated measures taken at baseline, showed significant improvements in muscle strength and endurance.

Results showed a 34% improvement in muscle strength after 4 weeks rising to 58% upon completion of the intervention programme. Strength improvements were significant at 4 and 8 weeks compared to baseline (p<0.05).

Users also displayed a 72% improvement in muscle endurance, as determined by the ACSM curl test after training. These improvements coincided with improved self-perceived abdominal firmness and tone, as determined using a self-administered psychometric questionnaire (Shape Evaluation Scale).

The Shape Evaluation Scale assesses perceived abdominal shape using a set of 10 dichotomous items taken to describe various aspects of the shape and appearance of the abdominal region. These items are rated on a five-point semantic differential scales.

Similar to the strength improvements, Dr Porcari observed improvements in these outcomes, which reached statistical significance (p<0.05) at both 4 and 8 weeks.

In 2018, a double-blind, prospective, randomised, controlled trial study by Dr Porcari (n=53) revealed that using Slendertone Abs7 resulted again in abdominal strength changes and associated changes in measures of self-perception. Similar to Dr Porcari’s previous trials, strength changes were significant after 4 weeks of toning.

These studies were preceded by previous trials that concluded combining Slendertone with walking exercise had a positive effect on body image measures (Cullinane et al., 2002; Anderson et al., 2006).

Cullinane (2003) reported significant improvements in ab firmness and flatness and muscle tightness following the use of Abs3 (p<0.05), during a 4-week intervention of 20x 30-minute sessions of toning while walking (n=36).

Gary Rainsford

Gary is Slendertone’s Clinical and Innovation Program Manager, and part of the team responsible for the design and development of our unique products and technology.

The use of EMS technology for muscle conditioning is a well-supported training approach, especially when used to complement conventional exercise.

“Research by Paillard in 2008 found better training outcomes through a combination of exercise and EMS, rather than just exercise. Adding Slendertone to your training routine provides a strong partner in the search for a more toned and defined body.”

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