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  1. Slendertone Rechargeable Controller Batteries
    Slendertone Rechargeable Controller Batteries

    Rechargeable battery-pack for the Slendertone controller.

  2. Slendertone Controller
    Slendertone Controller

    Controller is compatible with our Abs7, Bottom and Arms toners.

  3. Slendertone Charger
    Slendertone Charger

    Keep your Slendertone fully-charged with this replacement charger. Compatible with Slendertone Abs7, Arms and Bottom controller only. Comes with a EU and UK adaptor only.

  4. Slendertone Replacement AAA Batteries
    Slendertone Replacement AAA Batteries

    AAA long-life batteries for Slendertone Abs5 and Abs3 Toning belts.

  5. Slendertone Belt Extension
    Slendertone Belt Extension

    Add 7-9 inches to your abs belt to start your journey.

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  6. Slendertone Connect Replacement USB Lead
    Slendertone Connect Replacement USB Lead

    Never miss a toning session again.