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3 for 2 - All Ab Belts Gel Pads

£23.98 Save £11.99 Was £35.97

WEB EXCLUSIVE OFFER: 3 for 2 Sets of Replacement Gel Pads for your Slendertone Ab Toning Belt (suitable for all Slendertone Ab belts). Thanks to this exclusive bundle you get 3 month supply of gel pads and save up to 30%.

  • Set of replacement gel pads designed for all Slendertone Ab belts: Abs7, Abs6, Abs5 and Abs3.
  • Helps conduct electrical pulses to targeted nerves and muscles
  • Manufactured to medical-grade
  • Pads last for an average of 20 to 30 Slendertone sessions
  • Latex-free, no-mess design. Read +
Free Delivery 2 Years Warranty
3 for 2 - All Ab Belts Gel Pads
£23.98 Save £11.99 Was £35.97

Our medical grade gel pads help you get the most out of every training session by evenly distributing muscle-stimulating pulses for optimum comfort and toning efficiency.

  • Unique positionning

    • Our unique three-layer gel pads are positioned specifically on our belts and toners to ensure optimal Ab muscles targeting, on and around the pad’s surface.
    • The grid on the pads distributes the toning pulses evenly and effectively. This maximises comfort and optimises muscle targeting.
    • Without the grid, the electrical pulses would not spread as much, leading to greater current density and potentially less comfortable toning sessions.
  • Latex-free and Anti-allergenic

    • The pads are constructed with highly anti-allergenic, medical grade ‘hydrogel’, which uses water as a conductor between your muscles and the electronic studs on your training device.
    • Biocompatibility-tested, medical grade hydrogel minimises the risk of irritation (even on sensitive skin).
  • How long will they last?

    • The adhesive properties of your pads eventually expire, which is why we recommend replacing them every 20-30 sessions.
    • You will know it is a good time to change them when:
      • You’re not getting the intensity you want: If the muscle stimulation isn’t as strong as you’re used to or you can’t work at your usual intensity level, the pads may need replacing.
      • The pad surface is uneven and flakes off: If that happens the EMS pulses cannot be distributed as effectively. This means that you won’t be getting the most out of your training.
      • If it’s pierced of torn, replace immediately

For best results follow these simple steps:

  • To extend the life of your gel pads, wipe your skin before toning and replace the pad covers afterwards (these are included).
  • We recommend replacing your gel pads every 20-30 toning sessions.

Included in the box:

  • 3x Replaceable abs toning gel pads.
  • Protective plastic covers.