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Need to learn more about how your Slendertone Abs3 belt works?

General advice

Slendertone abs belts and muscle trainers are suitable for all adults, but care is still necessary. Don’t use our products if:

  • You have any electronic implants like a pacemaker or defibrillator or suffer from any heart problems.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You suffer from cancer or epilepsy.
  • You’re under medical supervision for cognitive dysfunction.
  • You are connected to high-frequency surgical equipment.

Question: What does the sensation feel like?

Answer: When intensity increases, you feel a mild pulsing sensation followed by gradual tightening in your abdominals. The muscles should contract smoothly, hold in this position for a few seconds and then relax again, like they would during regular exercise or abs workouts.

Question: Can toning with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) cause muscle soreness?

Answer: Like any workout, some muscle soreness should be expected. Use a lower toning intensity if you’re experiencing excessive abs soreness.

Question: Why is the skin around my abs and sides red after a session?

Answer: Some redness is natural and should fade soon after training. If the redness is excessive, turn down the toning intensity. If the problem persists you can get in touch with our customer care team.

Question: The stimulation is a little uncomfortable. How can I improve comfort?

Answer: Ensure that the pads are positioned properly and pressed firmly on the skin. You can tighten the belt for a snugger fit too. Pause the session before making any abs belt readjustments. Check the intensity as well – you can always turn the intensity down to boost comfort.

Question: How do I know when I should replace my gel pads?

Answer: If the signal is weakening (even when the batteries aren’t dead), it usually means that the gel pads are wearing out. Adjust your abs belt to ensure correct, firm positioning just to be sure.

If this fails, it’s likely time to replace your pads. Their adhesive, hydrogel properties deteriorate after 20-30 sessions, so replace them after this period for the best toning results.

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Question: Why won't my gel pads stick to my abs belt (they’re fairly new too)?

Answer: Ensure that the patterned grid-side of the pads is placed over the studs (with the black side on your skin) and that you’ve removed the protective covers. Before and after each session, make a habit of pressing the edges of each pad firmly onto the belt.

Question: Can’t feel any stimulation from the middle pad?

Answer: If you just started using a Slendertone belt for the first time you are probably using it at a low intensity (under 30). It is quite normal that you would feel more stimulation at the side (oblique muscles) than in the middle (abdominal muscle) as we use our abdominal muscles every day and they are not as sensitive as the oblique muscles. You should select an intensity level which is comfortable but suitably challenging and continue to increase the intensity as you progress through your six-week programme to maximise your workout. As you increase the intensity you will start to feel the stimulation in your abdominal muscle.

Question: I can feel tingling in my legs during toning. What should I do?

Answer: This means that the gel pads are incorrectly placed over your hip bones. Try moving the oval pads upwards and inwards (i.e. towards the centre of your body). Don’t forget to pause your session first!

Question: What is the difference between Slendertone abs belts and other brands?

Answer: Slendertone technology is patented, exclusive and clinically proven. Our tech had produced the only EMS belt capable of exercising all the ab muscles: the rectus and transverses abdominis and internal and external obliques.

Question: Can I use the Abs3 after having a baby?

Answer: Yes! We advise waiting a minimum of 6 weeks after natural childbirth or 3 months after a caesarean. We also recommend seeking approval from your doctor before starting a new toning programme.

Question: Can I use an Abs3 belt if I have a belly button piercing?

Answer: We recommend removing any belly button piercings before every toning session.

Question: Can I use my Slendertone abs trainer with regular exercise?

Answer: Yes! Combining toning with your own exercise plan can deliver even better results because your muscles are working harder.

Walking and activities which require core control (like yoga and Pilates) are recommended. Use an intensity that is slightly lower than what you’re used to when toning with regular workouts. Try completing exercises like stomach crunches and sit-ups when you feel the EMS signals contracting your abs.

Question: Why are my stomach muscles getting exercised but not the waist muscles?

Answer: People come in all shapes and sizes. This is why our gel pads positioning can be personalised for most body types. You can move the central pad slightly higher or lower than your navel. There are 3 size indicators on the belt as well, to help you target specific muscles according to the location of the nerves.

You can move the two oval pads to suit different waist sizes. Move them away from the central pad for larger waistlines or closer for slimmer waistlines.

Question: What is the warranty period on my Abs3?

Answer: Your Abs3 comes with a two-year warranty on electronic parts. If a fault develops, view our troubleshooting section or contact our expert customer care team. [LINK TO CONTACT US]

Getting started

Question: What do I need to work the Slendertone Abs3?

Answer: You need your abs toning belt and controller, 3x AAA batteries, and one set of gel pads.

Setting up the belt

Question: How do I assemble my abs toner correctly?

Answer: Follow these simple steps to effectively tone your abdominals according to your body type:

Turn the belt over so that the metal studs inside the markers are facing upwards.

  • Take the three gel pads out of the bag: you have one square and two oval pads. All three have a grid pattern on one side (and plain black on the other).
  • Remove the plastic covers from the patterned grid side and dispose.
  • The two oval pads can be placed at different positions depending on your waistline. The markers closest to the central pad are for waistlines 24-31 inches (61-79cm); the middle for waistlines 30-38 inches (76-97cm); and the furthest away for waistlines 37-46 inches (94-116cm).
  • Place the pads face down so that the patterned side completely covers the studs.
  • Turn the belt over and connect the controller by sliding and clicking it into the holster.
  • Turn your belt back over to take the plastic covers off the black side of the pads, to expose the adhesive gel. Save these to protect your gel pads after each toning session.
  • Position the belt over your waist so that the square pad is over your belly button.
  • Press the front pad firmly onto the skin and stretch the belt around your waist. The oval gel pads should be sitting between your hips and ribcage.
  • Firmly fasten your belt. You want it to compress without causing any discomfort.

Question: What happens when the pads aren’t grid-side down on the studs?

Answer: The grid side evenly distributes EMS signals from the metal studs. Incorrectly placing them results in less effective abdominal toning and less comfortable sessions.

Question: What happens if I don’t take the plastic covers off?

Answer: The pads use a water-based, adhesive composition to deliver EMS signals to the abs, so they need to be removed. Keep these covers handy to protect your pads after sessions and to help them last longer.

Question: Can I move my abs toner or adjust the positioning of the pads?

Answer: Yes, you can, but the position that we advise is clinically proven to be the optimal placement to stimulate the nerves that work and tone your abdominal muscles. Avoid positioning over the ribcage and hips and DO NOT place near your heart.


Question: I’m ready to start toning! How do I control my Slendertone Abs3?

Answer: Now that you’ve set up your belt, turn on the controller by pressing and holding the power button for 2 seconds. Press both arrows up with your thumbs to increase the intensity. This starts the countdown automatically for your chosen toning programme. To pause at any time, simply press the power button. Press again to resume or stop, or hold down to switch off your controller entirely.

We recommend that you tone while seated until you become accustomed to the sensation of EMS abdominal muscle contractions.

Question: What toning programmes does the Abs3 feature?

Answer: Slendertone Abs3 features 7 toning programmes which can be used with or without exercise. Press the ‘P’ button to display all 7 programmes. You cannot change programmes during a session. To do this, switch your controller off and on again.

Your Abs3 has ‘auto-progression’, which takes you through a clinically proven set of parameters to provide a stronger core from 4 weeks. Auto-progression begins at programme 1. Follow the sessions as prompted on your display screen.