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General advice

Slendertone trainers are suitable for all adults, but some care is still needed. Don’t use our products if:

  • You have electronic implants (such as a pacemaker or defibrillator) or suffer from heart problems.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You suffer from cancer or epilepsy.
  • You’re under medical supervision for cognitive dysfunction.
  • You are connected to high-frequency surgical equipment.

Question: What does the sensation feel like?

Answer: When you increase the intensity, you will feel a mild pulsing sensation followed by a gradual tightening. The muscles should contract smoothly, hold in that position for a few seconds and gently relax again, like they would during exercise.

Question: Can electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training cause muscle soreness?

Answer: Like all workouts, some soreness should be expected. Use a lower toning intensity if you are experiencing excessive muscle soreness.

Question: Why is my skin red after a session?

Answer: Some redness is natural during toning and fades soon afterwards. If the redness is excessive lower the intensity. If the problem persists, contact our customer care team.

Question: How can I improve comfort if the stimulation is uncomfortable?

Answer: Ensure that the gel pads are correctly positioned and firmly pressed on your skin, but pause your session before making any adjustments. Check the level of intensity too – you can always lower it to increase the comfort.

Question: How do I know when I should replace my gel pads?

Answer: Adjust your shorts to ensure correct, firm positioning, but if the signal is weakening (even if the batteries are OK), it often means that it’s time to replace your pads. Their adhesive properties deteriorate over time, so we advise replacing them after 20-30 sessions.

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Question: Why won't my fairly new gel pads stick to the toning shorts?

Answer: Ensure that the patterned grid of the pads is placed over the studs (with the black side on your skin) and that you’ve removed the covers. Before and after sessions, press the edges of each pad very firmly onto their closable flaps.

Question: What’s the difference between Slendertone and other brands?

Answer: Our innovative EMS technology and designs are exclusive, patented and clinically proven.

Question: Can I use Slendertone Bottom after having a baby?

Answer: Yes, but we recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after natural childbirth or 3 months after a caesarean. Please seek approval from your doctor first.

Question: Can I use my Slendertone Bottom during regular exercise?

Answer: Combining bottom toning with regular exercise can deliver even better results because your muscles are working harder. Walking, bodyweight exercises and yoga and Pilates are recommended. Use an intensity that’s slightly lower than what you’re used to.

Question: What is the warranty period on my Slendertone Bottom?

Answer: Your Slendertone Bottom comes with a two-year warranty on electronic parts. If a fault develops, view our troubleshooting section or get in touch with our customer care team.

Getting started

Question: Why don’t I have a controller with my product?

Answer: Slendertone Bottom can be purchased with/without a controller and charger. If you already own our Abs7 or Arms toners, your controller can be used interchangeably with Slendertone Bottom too. If you need a controller, visit our shop to start toning.

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Question: How long does it take to charge the battery?

Answer: Out of the box, the controller should have enough power for one session. After, the battery takes a minimum of 3 hours to fully charge (which should be enough for at least 5 sessions). When it starts to get low, the battery icon flashes to notify you.

Question: What do I need to work Slendertone Bottom?

Answer: You need the toning shorts, handheld controller and charger, and one set of gel pads.

Setting up the shorts

Question: How do I assemble the shorts correctly?

Answer: Follow these simple steps to starting toning immediately:

  1. Lay your shorts on a flat surface so that the pad flaps/windows are open and the four metal studs are facing towards you.
  2. Take the four pads out of the bag. On one side there is a grid pattern; the other side is plain black.
  3. Remove the plastic from the patterned side and place the gel pads face down, so that the pattern completely covers the studs.
  4. Slide the shorts on for a firm fit around the buttocks and legs. It’s important that the gel pads can touch the skin, so wear underwear (like a thong) that allows this.
  5. Take the plastic covers off of the black side of the gel pads to expose the adhesive gel. Save these to protect your pads after each toning session.
  6. Firmly press and close the flaps, making a good contact with your skin.
  7. ‘Click’ the controller into place. Don’t force it in – ensure that the pin connector is the correct way around.

Question: What happens if the pads aren’t placed grid-side down on the studs?

Answer: The grid side evenly distributes the EMS signals from the studs. Incorrect placement results in results in less effective signal delivery and less comfort when toning at higher intensity levels.

Question: What happens if I don’t take off the plastic covers?

Answer: The pads use a water-based, adhesive gel that sends the EMS signals to the muscles, so they need to be taken off. Keep these covers handy to protect your pads after all bottom toning sessions.

Question: Can I move the shorts up or down?

Answer. Yes, but ensure that the controller is not connected and the four pad flaps are open, so that you can unstick the adhesive gel. Now you can reposition your shorts.


Question: I’m ready to train! How do I control my Slendertone Bottom toner?

Answer: After setting up your shorts, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the controller. Press the intensity arrows up with both thumbs to increase the intensity, and vice versa.

This automatically starts the timer of your chosen toning programme. You can pause this at any time by pressing the power button. To resume/stop, press it again, or hold down to switch off completely.

We recommend toning while seated until you get used to the sensation of EMS stimulation (it won’t take you long).

Question: What toning programmes does Slendertone Bottom feature?

Answer: Bottom features 4 training programmes which can be used with or without exercising. Press the ‘P’ button to display these programmes. You cannot change programmes during a session – first, you need to switch off your controller and then switch it on again.

Slendertone Bottom also features ‘auto-progression’, which takes you through a clinically proven set of programme parameters for better results. Auto-progress starts at programme 1. Simply follow the sessions as prompted on your controller screen.

Question: How can I increase the intensity?

Answer: Press the up arrows with both thumbs to increase and the down arrows to decrease. Select a level which is comfortable but still challenging, increasing the average intensity of your workouts as you progress through your six-week programme.

Question: What intensity should I choose?

Answer: Each person has their own preferences so it’s impossible to recommend where your perfect starting point is. It should be comfortable but challenging and slowly increased during each workout.

Question: How many sessions can I do in one day?

Answer: We recommend two sessions each day at the most, but don’t forget to rest and recover if your muscles feel sore. It’s during these rest periods that your muscles are building strength.

Question: How many sessions can I do in a single week?

Answer: For the best results try 4 training sessions each week with rest days in-between. You can do more or less toning sessions, depending on your lifestyle or schedule and how much recovery time you require.

Question: Where can I view my toning progress?

Answer: Your controller stores total sessions and maximum, average and current toning intensity. To view this info, press the ‘i’ button. This will appear and revert back to the timer after a few seconds.

Question: How do I change my toning programme?

Answer: You can change programmes whenever you wish, but you will be starting all over again. You do not lose your overall session history, but you do have to restart from programme 1. You can press the ‘P’ button at any time to change programmes.

Question: What if my battery dies during a session?

Answer: Recharge your controller. Always try to recharge it when there is 33% power remaining.

Question: Why am I getting an ‘ERR’ error message on my display screen?

Answer: Check out our troubleshooting section for the potential reasons.

Wear and care

From perfect gel pad positioning to correct cleaning, we have all the top tips and guidance you need.