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General advice

Slendertone Face is suitable for all adults, but care is still necessary. Do not use our toning headset if:

  • You suffer from any heart problems or have electronic implants, such as a pacemaker or defibrillator.
  • You’re pregnant.
  • You suffer from cancer or epilepsy.
  • You’re under medical supervision for cognitive dysfunction.
  • You’re connected to high-frequency surgical equipment.

Question: What does the sensation of toning feel like?

Answer: When you increase the intensity, you feel mild pulsing followed by a gradual tightening. The muscles should contract smoothly, hold for a few seconds and then gently relax.

Question: Can I use Slendertone Face if I’ve recently had Botox?

Answer: You should always wait for 24 hours after the administration of Botox before toning. Botox is rarely used in the mid/lower regions of the face, so it generally doesn’t impact most facial muscles. This is why Slendertone Face is still valuable for all facial muscle therapy, even after Botox injections.

Question: Can I use Slendertone Face if I’ve recently have had facial fillers?

Answer: You should always wait for 24 hours after receiving facial fillers like Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm before toning.

Question: Can I use Slendertone Face if I have a headache before or during a session?

Answer: We recommend not using your headset if you have a headache. If you’re toning and feel a headache developing, we advising ending your session and waiting until tomorrow (if this problem persists, consult your doctor before continuing your programme).

No permanent effects have been reported, however you may wish to consult your doctor before use. On very rare occasions, first-time users of EMS have reported feeling light-headed or faint. We recommend using the product while seated until you become accustomed to the sensation.

Question: Can electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) cause muscle soreness?

Answer: Toning works your facial muscles like any other muscle, so some soreness is to be expected. Use a lower toning intensity if the soreness is excessive.

Question: Why is my skin red after toning?

Answer: This is normal and fades soon after. If skin redness is excessive, simply lower the intensity. If the problem persists, get in touch with our team. Contact Us

Question: How can I improve comfort during toning sessions?

Answer: Ensure that the gel pads are correctly positioned and firmly pressed on your face. Pause the session before making any adjustments. Check the intensity levels too. You can always reduce levels and build them up throughout your individual sessions and 12-week programme.

Question: Why is my eye twitching during facial toning?

Answer: This is quite normal during a session. Some users, however, might experience mild transient muscle twitching in the face after sessions. If twitching persists beyond 2-3 days, please consult your doctor. Muscle fasciculation has been associated with low serum concentrations of elements such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Question: How do I know when my gel pads need replacing?

Answer: First, adjust your headset to ensure correct, firm positioning. If the signal is still weak even if your batteries are charged, it usually means that the pads are beginning to wear and need replacing. For the best results, we recommend replacing these after 5 sessions.

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Question: Why aren’t my gel pads sticking (they’re fairly new)?

Answer: Ensure that the blue side is stuck onto the headset (the clear side needs to be on your skin) and that you’ve removed the plastic covers. Before and after toning, press the edges of each gel pad onto the headset to help minimise this.

Question: What’s the difference between Slendertone and other muscle toning brands?

Answer: Our EMS technology and product designs are all clinically proven, patented and exclusive.

Question: What is the warranty period on my Slendertone Face?

Answer: Slendertone Face comes with a two-year warranty on electronic parts. If a fault develops, check out our troubleshooting section or get in touch with customer care.

Getting started

Question: How long does it take to charge up the battery?

Answer: The controller should have enough power for one session, but we advise fully charging your battery first. This takes 3 hours minimum and lasts for 5 sessions minimum. When the battery is low, the icon flashes.

Question: What do I need to work Slendertone Face?

Answer: You need your toning headset, one set of gel pads, controller and charger or AAA batteries.

Setting up your headset

Question: How do I assemble my headset correctly?

Answer: Follow these simple steps to get started with your facial toning headset:

1. Remove the supplied gel pads. There is a plastic cover on either side of each pad – one blue side and one clear side.

2. Carefully remove the blue covers and place face down on the black surface of the headset paddles. Ensure that the black areas are completely covered by the gel pads.

3. Before toning, remove make-up and facial creams/oils (rinse your face after using make-up remover too).

4. Remove the plastic covers from the clear side of the gel pads. Keep these handy to protect your pads after every toning session.

5. Position the headset behind your head, below the ears and to your neckline. Open up the headset slightly to move it inwards onto your face.

6. When correctly positioned, the headset paddles should sit directly below your cheekbones and about one finger’s width in front of the ears. The paddles should always be positioned in a line between the middle of your ears and nose. DON’T place on the ears, temple or throat.

Question: What if I want to alter the paddle positioning on my face?

Answer: The position we recommend has been proven to be the most effective in clinical trials (this is where the nerves are located). If the positioning is uncomfortable, you can move the paddles up or down slightly (check the dos and don’ts above and pause your toning session before adjusting).

Question: Why does the headset feel tight or uncomfortable?

Answer: The headset is specifically designed for women, but you can try moving the headset slightly up or down if it feels uncomfortable. Pause your session first and check positioning guidelines above. To ensure comfortable, effective facial toning, the pads must be pressed firmly and tightly against the skin.

Question: What happens if I do not take off the protective plastic covers?

Answer: The pads deliver EMS signals to the muscles using an adhesive, water-based composition, so these covers must be removed for effective, comfortable toning. Keep these covers to help preserve and protect your gel pads after every session.


Question: I’m ready to tone! How do I control my Slendertone Face headset?

Answer: Press and hold the on/off button for 2 seconds to switch your unit on. Choose your desired programme by pressing the ‘P’ button. The programme you picked previously will be automatically chosen whenever you turn your headset back on. Press the intensity up buttons (+) to automatically begin the timer for your selected programme. Press the power button to pause at any time. Press again to resume or hold down for 3 seconds to end your session (your display screen turns off when this happens).

Question: What toning programmes does Slendertone Face feature?

Answer: Slendertone Face includes 2 distinct toning programmes:


The most intense programme, designed for toning the face and firming the muscles.


Helps to increase the blood flow to give your face a healthy, radiant glow.

Question: How can I increase toning intensity?

Answer: Press both plus buttons (+) with your thumbs to increase the intensity or minus buttons (–) to decrease. Select an intensity that’s comfortable but challenging. Try increasing this over your 12-week programme.

Question: What facial toning intensity should I use?

Answer: Everyone has their own preferences, so it’s impossible to recommend the intensity to begin your toning programme. Choose an intensity level that’s comfortable but still challenging and slowly increase this throughout your 12-week plan. Set your own personal goals and increase/decrease the intensity levels as you see fit.

Question: How many sessions can I do in one day?

Answer: We advise 2 toning sessions per day at the most.

Question: How many sessions can I do in one week?

Answer: Try to complete at least 5 toning sessions per week. You can do more or less, depending on your lifestyle/schedule and how much recovery time your feel you need in-between sessions.

Question: Where can I view my toning progress?

Answer: Press the ‘i’ button during a session to see the highest intensity you’ve reached during that particular session. Press twice to see total number of sessions completed.

Question: How do I change my toning programme?

Answer: You can do this at any point while not toning by pressing the ‘P’ button.

Question: What happens if the battery dies mid-session?

Answer: Recharge immediately. If you have our battery-powered model shop for AAA batteries here.

Question: What does it mean when ‘\-- --/’ flashes on my controller screen?

Answer: Check out our troubleshooting section to view the potential reasons/solutions for this issue.

Wear and care

From pad positioning to cleaning your headset correctly, we have all the guidance and tips you need. Visit our Wear & Care section.