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There are 43 muscles in the face – and they need toning too

Like any muscle group, facial muscles need to be exercised.

Unlike the rest of your body, though, where muscles connect to bone, facial muscles are attached to the overlaying skin.

When they start to deteriorate they are unable to support the skin, causing your face to sag and lose volume.

By toning and firming these delicate muscles, you can rebuild the youthful volume and shape of your face to reduce sag and the signs of ageing.

2 programmes designed to gently lift, massage and tone

Our facial toner is equipped with 2 distinct programmes designed to reduce the signs of ageing: lift, massage and radiance.

To ensure that your delicate facial muscles are toned comfortably but effectively, each training plan has automatic warm-up and cool down phases to ease you into every session.

Clinically proven toning technology

Our patented, clinically proven electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology delivers gentle pulses directly to the facial nerve, which controls the facial muscles.

As the signal strength increases, these nerves cause your muscles to rhythmically contract and relax.

This delicately and naturally tones and firms your facial muscles, just like any other muscle group in the body.

What branches of the facial nerve does your toner target?

Temporal branches

Controls muscles around the forehead

Zygomatic branches

Controls muscles around the eyes

Buccal branches

Controls muscles surrounding the mouth

Mandibular branches

Controls muscles around the jawline

Innovative and easy-to-use

Precision headset

The headset positions the gel pads with precision, to target the key facial nerves and gently exercise, firm and massage the key muscles of facial expression.

Handheld controller

Control every aspect of your toning and massaging programme with ease from the palm of your hand.

What's in the box?

  • Slendertone Face headset
  • Control unit
  • 6 pairs of gel pads

  • Quick-start guide and manual
  • 3 x AAA batteries

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