What is the Slendertone 6 Week Challenge?

The Slendertone 6 Week Challenge is a targeted 6 week ab toning, healthy eating and exercise plan developed by health and nutritional experts to help you lose inches from your waistline.

How it works

When you purchase your 6 Week Challenge Toning Kit you will receive a weekly motivational email to support you on your journey and maximise your results with helpful tips and advice. The kit includes:


✔️ Abs8 Toning Belt


✔️ Structured 6 Week Ab toning Guide


✔️ 3 x replacement Gel Pads


✔️ 6 Week Exercise Plan


✔️ Healthy, energy boosting recipes


✔️ Weekly Progress trackers


✔️ Travel Pouch for storage


✔️ Measuring Tape to keep track of your results


*Results from the Slendertone 6 Week Challenge may vary

To get started buy the 6 Week Challenge Toning Kit

The kit includes all the tools and motivation you need to achieve ultimate results

Abs8 Toning Belt

Our newest and most comfortable ab toning belt has a unique ergonomic design to fit around the natural curves of the body.


It features improved compression to allow you to reach high intensity toning more comfortably. Including 10 toning programmes and up to 100 intensity levels, the Abs8 toning belt is clinically proven to firm & tone your abs from just 4 weeks.

Let's Get Toning Guide

Written and designed by the Slendertone team of experts, this tailored 6 week guide includes tips on how to get the most out of your Abs8 toning belt, a variety of healthy recipes to boost energy and stay fuller for longer, a targeted 6 week exercise plan and weekly progress trackers to maximise results.

4 x Gel Pads

Preparation is key to the success of your toning sessions. That’s why we’ve included 4 sets of replacement gel pads which will last for the total duration of your 6 Week Challenge and beyond.


The success of your toning sessions relies on the quality of your gel pads which should be replaced after every 25 – 30 sessions.


We’ve added a few extras to support you throughout your 6 Week Challenge.


This includes a Slendertone Measuring Tape to help your measure your waistline reduction, Slendertone Pen to track your progress and a Slendertone Travel pouch for convenient toning anytime anywhere!

The secret to success in the Slendertone 6 Week Challenge is simple

Ab Toning


Healthy Diet

Progress Tracking

Meet the Challengers who Achieved their Goals

"Halfway through the challenge, I was amazed that I could actually see visible results from using the Abs8 belt! It’s really a part of my daily routine now, like brushing my teeth – I do it without thinking!"

Developed by the Slendertone Team of Experts


Nutritional Therapist


Fitness Coach


Support Coach

6 Week Challenge Toning Kit


The 6 Week Challenge Toning Kit includes everything you need to achieve maximum results in the Slendertone 6 Week Challenge.

By combining ab toning, healthy eating and regular exercise you will see best results. The Slendertone 6 Week Challenge has been developed by our team of experts to provide you with top tips and advice on these areas to help you lose inches from your waistline!

Included in your Kit:
- Slendertone Abs8 toning belt
- ‘Let’s Get Toning’ Guide
- 4 x Gel Pads
- Travel Pouch
- Measuring Tape
- Slendertone Pen

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    6 Week Challenge Toning Kit



    New OLED Display - OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) Display achieves a brighter picture quality than LCD Displays.

    Face up display - so you can see more easily the display information while toning.

    Memory Functionality tracking your most recent toning session.

    Rechargeable controller - via USB charging cable in just three hours (see details here).

    Easy to use and assemble - the controller attaches to the belt with new magnetic connectors.

    10 Programmes

    7 Passive Programmes (while reading, working on your computer, watching TV, walking, cooking, helping with your kids homework etc.): 1. Initiation, 2. Beginner, 3. Intermediate, 4. Advanced, 5. Expert, 6. Pro Toning, 7. Ab Power.

    3 Active Programmes (while doing a physical activity): 8. Endurance (with a moderate cardio activity such as active walking, jogging or using a stepper or exercise bike), 9. Beginner Crunch & 10. Advanced Crunch (to maximize your Ab Crunch training).

    100 intensity levels - levels ranging from 0-100, maximum intensity levels vary depending on the programme selected.


    Top tips on using your Slendertone Abs8 toning belt, what programmes and intensities to use, a varied range of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and a targeted 6 week exercise guide.

    4 X GEL PADS

    Our unique three-layer gel pads distribute toning pulses evenly and effectively. For maximum comfort and optimum muscle targeting your gel pads should be replaced every 25-30 sessions. Your 4 packs of gel pads should last up to 120 toning sessions.


    So you can safely carry and store your Abs8 Toning Belt.


    Track your waistline during your challenge.


    Slendertone branded pen to complete your weekly progress trackers.


    Abs8 Toning Belt

    Size 24-42 inches (61-107cm) - note that our belt extension can extend it by 7-9 inches (17-22cm)


    Easy to clean by hand in lukewarm water (remove controller and gel pads first and allow to dry naturally)

    Biomedical-tested fabric


    Included in the Slendertone 6 Week Challenge Toning Kit:

    Slendertone Abs8 unisex toning belt

    ‘Let’s Get Toning’ Guide

    4 x Packs of Gel Pads

    Travel Pouch

    Measuring Tape

    Slendertone Pen

    Rechargeable Controller

    USB charging cable

    Quick-start guide

    Instruction manual