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Slendertone can help you look and feel incredible while enhancing strength and tone. See more of our real user’s success stories!


Slendertone Abs + 2 Sets of Gel Pads

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Dr. John Porcari

Professor of Exercise and Sports Science, University of Wisconsin, La-Crosse

EMS technology

Slendertone’s FDA cleared, clinically proven EMS technology is used by doctor and sports scientist worldwide.

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With Slendertone Abs - There's No Extra Time Required.

Get firmer and more toned abs while multitasking.

Our Products

Slendertone Connect
High-tech and app-controlled with custom coaching and interactive progress tracking
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Slendertone abs belt
Slendertone Abs
Our most popular system, featuring 7 different toning plans and up to 99 intensity levels.
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Slendertone Arms
Improve the firmness and tone of your biceps and triceps
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Slendertone gel pads
Slendertone gel pads
Replace your gel pads every 20-30 sessions for the best results
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Slendertone accessories
Batteries, controllers and chargers to power your sessions
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