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6 Month Supply Arm Toner Pads

US $49.99 Save US $27.95 Was US $77.94

Replace pads every 20-30 sessions for optimum effectiveness and comfort.

2 Years Warranty
6 Month Supply Arm Toner Pads
US $49.99 Save US $27.95 Was US $77.94
  • Maximise every exercise

    • The grid on the gel pads distributes the toning pulses evenly so that they can effectively target your muscles and optimise comfort.
  • Engineered for comfort

    • Biocompatibility-tested hydrogel minimises irritation, even on sensitive skin.

For best results follow these simple steps:

  • To help your pads last longer, clean your skin with a wet wipe before workouts and replace the protective covers afterwards (included with your pads).
  • Replace pads every 20-30 toning workout to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your sessions.

Included in the box:

  • Replaceable arm toning gel pads.
  • Plastic covers (protect you gel pads after every use).