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A strong core is at the center of everything you do

From moving around day-to-day to enjoying your athletic pursuits, strong core muscles will improve your mobility and help you look and feel great.

Finding the time to be more active and build core strength can be challenging, but it has its benefits.

Why should I dedicate more time to pursuing a stronger core?

Define your abs

A stronger core is the key to visibly toned, defined abs. Achieving them, though, demands more than simply crunching out the occasional set of sit-ups.

Protect your spine

The core muscles act like shock absorbers for our body.

Strain on the spine is less uneven when the core muscles are strong and correctly balanced, reducing back pain and the risk of injuries.

Improve performance

All sports movements incorporate the core in some way, whether it’s high-impact running or lower-impact activities like yoga and hiking.

Whatever you do to keep fit in your free time, a strong core improves speed, endurance and agility.

There are no excuses – you can work your core at any time

If you’re warming-up for a workout or simply sitting at your desk, try pulling your navel towards your spine, keep your pelvis in a neutral position and lengthen the body, by breathing in and pushing your chest out.

Hey presto, you’re working your core muscles.

If you can dedicate the time to a proper abs workout, do a circuit of core strengthening exercises like planks, side planks, pelvic thrusts, Russian twists, stomach crunches and sit-ups.

You’ll soon see improvements in strength, endurance and even sports performance.

Slendertone makes it easier to be healthier and more active

Slendertone allows you to strengthen your core even when you’re sitting down and walking to work, so that you can feel the benefits when you’re racing, playing sports or keeping fit in your down time.

Slendertone effectively targets all four hard-to-tone abdominal muscle groups, helping you develop a stronger core.

Using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), our innovative belts emit signals to these specific muscles, causing them to contract and relax.

This is similar to the signals your brain sends directly to the muscles via the nerves during exercise or simple everyday activities and movements, like pushing a stroller or maintaining good posture at your desk.

Slendertone abs belts are lightweight and slim enough to wear under regular clothes and traininggear, so that you can tone whenever it suits you.

What results can you achieve?


average increase in abdominal muscle strength*


average increase in abdominal muscle endurance*

* from 6 weeks of training with Slendertone (Porcari, 2005 and 2009)

We also recommend toning while walking. Other clinical studies have proven that this helps tone the waistline while boosting body confidence (Anderson, 2006).

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