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Develop your center of power

The core is the powerhouse of the body. It’s the key to faster sprints, harder swings, superior control and quicker movement.

The stronger the core is, the more efficiently power can be transferred from the legs, through to the hips and into the arms.

If you’re chasing a personal best on the track or the bike, or training to improve your performance in the gym or on the court, strengthening your core muscles can help you maximize your athletic edge.

How can athletes benefit from a stronger core?

Greater agility

Any physical activity requires force generated in one part of the body to move to another.

Strong core muscles help that force move as efficiently as possible, allowing athletes to perform at their very best.

Increased power output

A strong core helps transfer energy through the body more quickly, from both the core musculature and peripheral muscles, such as the shoulders, arms and legs.

Reduced risk of injury

The core muscles act as shock absorbers for jumps and rebounds.

By developing your core, the body will be more coordinated, which can help protect you from injuries, especially those caused by either overuse or overextension.

When your core is weak you’re more likely to overcompensate with another muscle group. This shift in body mechanics can lead to an injury or aggravate any pre-existing problems.

Improved balance and stability

Core muscles stabilize the pelvis and spine, enabling athletes to maintain balance while generating the force and movement necessary to train and compete at the top level.

Lower back pain relief

Improving your posture by strengthening the core can relieve back pain, increasing comfort and then performance.

Proven results to maximize your sports performance

Slendertone belts effectively tone all four abdominal muscles: the transversus and rectus abdominis and the inner and outer obliques (Coghlan, 2008).

During training and competition, your brain sends signals via the nerves to your muscles telling them to relax and contract. Slendertone uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to send signals directly to your muscles instead, making them contract in a similar way to enhance muscle firmness, endurance and strength.

From 6 weeks of training with our abs belts, users in clinical trials improved abdominal endurance by an average of 72% and abdominal strength by an average of 49% (Porcari, 2005 and 2009).

For the best results, combine toning sessions with your current training program and a clean diet.

Enhance your fitness regime with Slendertone

You can use Slendertone while exercising to enhance ab workouts and any strength and conditioning session. A 30-minute session using Slendertone, in fact, is the equivalent of 120 abdominal crunches.

Professional athletes, like judoka Ashley McKenzie, a four-time British Open Champion and two-time Team GB Olympian, use Slendertone Connect on rest days and to maintain core strength when injured.

You can wear our lightweight, slimline ab trainers underneath your clothes, making it easy for you to tone and strengthen your core anytime, anywhere.

If you need toning plans or ideas to optimize your training program, visit our inspirational fitness blog.

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