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How much of your day do you spend sitting down?

Humans didn’t evolve just to sit down, but you probably spend a surprisingly large chunk of your day doing just that.

That doesn’t mean that you’ve turned into a couch potato.

When you add together the time you spend sitting at your desk, commuting to work, or at the end of the day putting your feet up, most people could find themselves sitting down for 8 hours or more on a busy weekday.

Too much sitting down can increase your risk of heart disease, colon cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Sitting incorrectly with bad posture can also lead to back pain.


Prolonged sitting is the most underrated health threat of our modern time.

David Dunston - Head of Physical Activity Laboratory at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute

It’s important to break up the time we spend sitting down

Make sure that you get up and move around, even if it’s for a 10-minute walk on your lunch break or standing up to make a drink or take a call.

You can even set an alarm to remind yourself to take regular breaks or have walking meetings rather than sit-down ones.

If you spend too much time driving, leave a little earlier so that you can find a good place to stop and stretch your legs.

Condition your core

A strong core supports the weight of your upper body and forces that would otherwise be placed on the spine.

A stronger core can also help you improve your posture when walking and sitting, which reduces the risk of back pain.

Sitting on a medicine ball or opting for a stand-up desk are all great ways to engage the core muscles more and ensure that you’re slouching less.

Visit our blog for more tips and inspiration on how you can activate your core more every day.

How can Slendertone improve posture and core strength?

The brain sends signals to the muscles, making them contract and relax during workouts or even just simple day-to-day activities, like carrying shopping bags or maintaining good posture while sitting at your desk.

Our innovative toners use electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) instead, sending signals directly to the core and abs, so that the muscles work and activate in a similar way.

In clinical trials (Porcari, 2005), 54% of users reported that their posture had improved from 6 weeks of EMS toning.

Slendertone belts are lightweight and slimline so that you can discreetly strengthen your abdominals underneath your regular clothes too.

Try squeezing in a Slendertone session when you’re walking to work or strolling around at lunchtime. Clinical studies have proven that walking while toning with our belts helps tone the waistline while improving body confidence (Anderson, 2006).

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