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Did you know that a strong core is at the center of a stronger mind and body?

Healthy living is all about balance. It’s a combination of eating clean, regular exercise, sleeping well and managing stress.

It’s the secret to looking great and feeling incredible.

Training the core improves everything you do, far beyond just giving you defined, toned abs.

Think of the core muscles as the sturdy central link in a chain connecting your upper and lower body.

Whether you're hitting a tennis ball or mopping the floor, every movement originates in your core or moves through it. These muscles all work in harmony to stabilize your body and transfer power from and to the legs and upper body.

Working these crucial, hard to target muscles can help you tighten the tummy if you’re getting beach body ready and build your strength, control and confidence in the gym.

How can I improve my core strength?

Core training targets the muscle groups which stabilize the spine and pelvis and make the transfer of power through the body more efficient and controlled.

Basic ab exercises

Planks, side planks, sit-ups and stomach crunches are the most common ab exercises, which increase stamina and build core strength.

Pilates and yoga

From downward dog to warrior pose, yoga and Pilates engage every core muscle to give you balance and stability on the mats.

Dead bugs

Controlling and extending your arms and legs without resting them on the mat conditions the core and builds stability in the hips and trunk.

Tummy vacuums

A simple, yet powerful core exercise which helps recondition the transversus abdominis to brace the spine during movement. It also helps tighten the tummy muscles .

Bird dog

This is an excellent abs exercise for boosting core strength and evenly improving your body’s balance and stability.

Slendertone supports healthy lifestyles by strengthening the core

Slendertone unlocks the power of your core, helping you to stay fortified for the journey ahead.

Slendertone ab belts are proven to build up core strength by effectively working the transversus and rectus abdominis and inner and outer oblique’s.

During exercise and everyday activities, your brain sends signals to your muscles telling them to relax and contract.

What results can you achieve?

This will do wonders when holding poses on the yoga mats or pushing harder on the track and court.

In clinical trials (Porcari, 2005 and 2009), users experienced an average increase of 72% in abdominal endurance and an average of 49% in abdominal strength from 6 weeks of training using Slendertone.

Personal trainers also recommend Slendertone

“Slendertone abs toners successfully activate 100% of your abdominal muscles, including the deep core muscle responsible for giving you a firm stomach. I use the belt myself and recommend it to all my clients who want to focus on their abdominal region.”

– PT Alex Crockford

Slendertone works best as part of a healthy, holistic lifestyle

Slendertone sessions compliment an active lifestyle with a varied exercise routine and a healthy diet.

We all tap into our inner strength in different ways, so our slimline, lightweight belts are designed to be worn discreetly underneath your regular clothes or workout gear.

You can also wear them during exercise, allowing you to enhance every gym workout, yoga class and light run.

You can even squeeze in a toning session when you’re walking the dog, doing chores or going to the shops.

For more healthy living and eating tips, find all the information and inspiration you need on our blog.

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