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General advice

Slendertone ReVive is designed to tone and strengthen specific muscles and not for physical therapy. Our products are suitable for most adults, but some care is still necessary. Do not use Slendertone if:

  • You suffer from heart problems.
  • You have an electronic implant, like a defibrillator or pacemaker.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You suffer from epilepsy or cancer.
  • You receive medical supervision for cognitive dysfunction.
  • You are connected to high-frequency surgical equipment.

Question: What does the sensation of toning feel like?

Answer: Answer: When you increase the intensity, you will feel a mild pulsing sensation followed by a gradual tightening in the muscles. Your muscles should contract smoothly, hold for a few seconds, and gently relax again.

Question: Does toning cause muscle soreness?

Answer: Like all exercise, some muscle soreness should be expected. Use a low toning intensity if the soreness is excessive, and build it up gradually over the course of your six-week training program.

Question: Why is my skin red after a session?

Answer: Some redness is natural and should fade soon after toning. If the redness is excessive, turn down the intensity. If the problem persists, contact our customer care team.

Question: The stimulation is a little uncomfortable. What can I do to enhance comfort?

Answer: Ensure that the pads are properly positioned and pressed firmly onto your skin. Pause the session before making any readjustments. You can even turn down the toning intensity.

Question: How do I know when to replace my gel pads?

Answer: If the signal is weakening even when the batteries are charged, it usually means that the gel pads are wearing. We advise ensuring that the pads are placed correctly and firmly just to be certain.

If repositioning fails, it means that the adhesive properties of your pads has deteriorated. Replace immediately if they are pierced, torn or the wire is pulled away from the pad.

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Question: Why won't my gel pads stick to my body even though they’re fairly new?

Answer: Check that you have removed the plastic covers. Ensure that the patterned side of each pad is placed firmly on the body with all edges pressed down before you begin your Slendertone session.

Question: Can I use the ReVive after having a baby?

Answer: Yes! Seek approval from your doctor first, however we recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after natural childbirth or 3 months after a C-section.

Question: Can I use Slendertone ReVive if I have any piercings?

Answer: Avoid placing pads over piercings or remove them before toning. Don’t place your pads over broken skin either (we recommend seeking approval from your doctor first).

Question: Can I use my Slendertone ReVive with regular exercise?

Answer: Yes! Pairing toning with your personal exercise program can deliver better results, as the muscles are working harder. Activities which demand core control, like yoga and Pilates, are recommended. Use a slightly lower intensity than you’re used to when combining workouts with toning.

Question: What is the warranty period on my ReVive?

Answer: Your Revive comes with a two-year warranty on electronic parts. If a fault develops, view our troubleshooting section or contact our friendly customer care unit.

Getting started

Question: How long does the battery take to charge?

Answer: We recommend fully charging the battery before use. This takes at least 3 hours. The battery icon will flash when the power is getting low.

Question: What do I need to work my Slendertone ReVive?

Answer: You’ll need a controller, 2x controller dual leads, gel pads, 1x 9V battery and your manual.

Setting up the device

Question: How do I assemble the full-body toner correctly?

Answer: The ReVive manual features programs and guides to help you correctly tone numerous parts of the body. Never apply toning pads on the following areas:

  • On the head, face or neck.
  • On both sides of the chest simultaneously.
  • On the front and back of the thorax simultaneously.
  • Over skin abrasions or inflammations.

Follow the simple steps below to effectively tone your body, according to your personal body shape:

1. Decide what part of the body you wish to tone. Use your manual and guide to ensure correct gel pad placement.

2. Clean your skin wherever you’re applying the gel pads.

3. Connect the leads to the controller according to the colour coding. Connect the correct pads to the leads.

4. Remove the clear sleeves from the pads and apply to the body. Keep the sleeves to protect your pads after every toning session.

5. Press the power button on the controller and use the left/right arrows to select the category (sports, toning or health) and the up/down arrows to choose the toning program.

6. To begin your session, press the plus buttons (+) of the connected leads according to the toning guide.

7. Carefully wrap up your pads/controller leads after every session.

Question: What happens if I connect the coloured leads incorrectly?

Answer: Incorrect connection will mean that intensity changes won’t correspond according to what you’ve set up on your controller.

Question: What happens if I don’t take the plastic covers off the gel pads?

Answer: The pads use a water-based composition to send the EMS signals into the muscles. This isn’t possible with the covers blocking the signals. Keep these, though, to protect the pads after sessions.

Question: Can I move the gel pads slightly if they’re causing any discomfort?

Answer: You can, however the positioning we recommend has been clinically proven to be the most effective for stimulating the nerves that activate your muscles. Ensure that the controller is switched off before making any readjustments. You will need to restart your toning session once you’ve found a more comfortable pad position.


Question: I’m ready to start toning! How do I control my Slendertone ReVive?

Answer: After setting up your device, press both up arrow buttons on either side of the controller to automatically begin your program timer. Press the power button to pause/resume the session or hold down the power button for 3 seconds to turn off your controller completely..

Question: What toning programs does the ReVive feature?

Answer: ReVive features 6 toning programs (3 for strengthening and 3 massage) which can be used on 10 different parts of the body. Refer to the ReVive manual to tone correctly, effectively and comfortably.

Tone while seated for your first few sessions until you get used to the sensation of EMS contractions.

Question: How can I increase my toning session intensity?

Answer: Press the colour-coded plus and minus buttons (+/–) to increase and decrease the intensity. Choose something comfortable but challenging and raise these over the course of your training plan.

The intensity (on a 0-120 scale) is displayed on the controller for each colour-coded area of the body.

Question: What intensity should I use?

Answer: Each person has their personal preferences and thresholds, so it’s difficult to recommend a definitive intensity. Select and intensity that works for you. It should be comfortable but challenging enough to leave you feeling like you’ve had a hard workout. You can increase this over your six-week plan.

Naturally, each muscle group across your body will react differently to certain intensities (your legs, for example, may have a higher intensity threshold than your arms). We recommend making notes of your intensity preferences and comfort levels, so that you can monitor your progress and start every toning session where you left off.

Question: How many sessions can I do in a day?

Answer: We recommend 2 toning sessions maximum per day. If your muscles feel sore, simply pause for the day so that they can recover, repair and grow.

Question: How many sessions should I do in one week?

Answer: For the best results, complete at least 4-5 sessions each week. This, naturally, is determined by your lifestyle, schedule and how much time your muscles require for recovery.

Question: What is the ‘Trigger’ button and how long can I hold it down for?

Answer: The ‘Trigger’ button delivers a continuous contraction for as long as you hold it down before reverting back to the program. You can hold the contraction for as long as you can tolerate it. Just be careful not to tire out your muscles before the end of the session!

Question: Why did the ‘Trigger’ button not do anything?

The ‘Trigger’ button is designed to hold a continuous contraction but the toning programhas to send a signal and peak first.

Question: How do I change my toning program?

Answer: You can change programs at any time when not toning. If you want to swap mid-session, hold down the power button for 3 seconds to turn off the controller, turn on again, and then choose.

Wear and care

From perfect positioning to correctly cleaning your product, we have all the guidance you need here.