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Slendertone products are designed to the highest standards and constructed with the highest quality fabrics, so that they’re comfortable and durable. Here is how to get the most out of your toning and training device.

Fitting your toning device

Abs belts

Take care of your abs belt

Slendertone abs belts are designed to fit discretely under clothing, so that you can tone anytime and anywhere.

Slendertone abs trainers are designed to wrap around your waist.

For the most effective and comfortable positioning, place the center of the square gel pad over your naval and the side gel pads between your ribcage and hipbones.

Ensure that the belt is secured around your waist as tightly as possible so that it compresses without feeling uncomfortable.

If you find that the signal is causing an uncomfortable sensation in your hip bone, try moving the belt slightly upwards.

Our belts are designed to fit various sized waists – for example, Slendertone Connect fits waist sizes 24-42 inches (61-107cm). You can find waist sizes in the ‘Specs’ tab on our individual product pages.

There are three size markers on all of our toning belts that indicate where the pads should be placed according to your waist size.

This is to ensure optimal placement of the pads over the nerves which contract the muscles you are targeting.

If you have a small waist size, our belts feature a fold over Velcro tab, so that you can take the excess length in behind your back for a comfortable fit.

If you have a large waist size, we stock a belt extender to allow for a more comfortable fit.

Shop abs belt extension


The biceps/triceps trainer wraps around your upper arms, with the off-shape part over your triceps and the oblong part on your biceps.

We recommend toning your arms at home while sitting down until you get used to the sensation.

You can use our arm toners while exercising too – you may find that it compliments bicep and tricep workouts.

Caring for your toning device fabric

Cleaning the fabric

The fabric of your product is interlaced with delicate wires and connectors that allow the EMS signals to pass into the muscles, so care must be taken when cleaning.

Some of our products can be gently hand-washed in lukewarm water.

For those that cannot, use a damp cloth to wipe down the material and leave to dry naturally.

Here are some more cleaning tips:

  • Always check the wash label first and follow their instructions.
  • Before cleaning, detach the controller and remove the gel pads.
  • Never use a washing machine or bleach to clean Slendertone products.
  • Never dry clean, tumble dry, wring out or iron your product. Always leave to dry naturally.

Store your toner in a cool, dry place or inside its travel pouch (not included with all of our products).

If you’re still unsure how to clean your toner, speak to a member of the team in the Help section or visit our Contact Us page.

Cleaning the studs

Repeated use of your product and replacing the gel pads can cause a build-up of dirt on the metallic studs, which deliver the EMS signals to the nerves and muscles through the pads.

Use a dry cloth to wipe away any build-up. We recommend doing this whenever you change the gel pads.

Caring for gel pads

The adhesive, water-based properties of your hydrogel pads wear over time, so we advise replacing them every 20-30 sessions to maximize their toning effectiveness and comfort.

For facial toning, we recommend replacing the pads after every 5 sessions.

Before sessions, ensure that your skin is clean. After use, always replace the protective plastic covers on the gel pads. This stops gel residue sticking to the material (or any of your clothes) and helps your pads last longer.

Caring for your controller

slendertone Controller

Here are some top controller care tips:

  • Your controller is incredibly durable so that it can withstand conditions when your training in the gym or on the road.
  • Ensure that the controller is firmly fixed in place on your product before starting exercise.
  • Do not expose the controller to excessively wet conditions (never immerse in water) and do not leave out in sunlight.

If your controller is damaged, contact us or your local retailer to replace or repair it. Repairs, services and modifications may only be carried out by qualified service personnel, authorized by Slendertone.

For your peace of mind, Slendertone products come with a manufacturer’s guarantee on electronic components.

Should a fault develop, please check the troubleshooting section of your product (which can also be found in our Help section) or visit Contact Us to get in touch.

Only use authentic, original Slendertone controllers purchased from Slendertone-approved retailers.

Clean regularly using a soft cloth, lightly dampened in soapy water.

Don’t allow the interior of your controller to become wet and never use detergents, alcohol, spray or strong solvents for cleaning.

Certain controllers can be opened to replace batteries, but access to the interior is not necessary for cleaning.

Caring for your batteries

Here are some top tips for prolonging the life of your rechargeable Connect, Abs7, Bottom and Arms controller:

  • Your battery will take approximately 3 hours to fully charge. Wait until all the bars in the battery icon are full and avoid toning until the battery is fully recharged.
  • Only charge the battery when it reaches 33% power on the battery icon of your controller.
  • The battery can degrade if you don’t use your product for a long time, so we recommend 3-5 toning sessions per week.
  • Leaving your product in hot or cold places can also cause your battery to degrade sharply.

For the Abs5 and Abs3, dispose of used, non-rechargeable batteries in accordance with local country national laws.