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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

All SLENDERTONE products, distributed by Slendertone Distribution Inc., (SDI) and purchased directly from SDI, come with a full 60 day money-back guarantee period, which begins on the day you receive your product. If you are not completely satisfied with the convenience and effectiveness of this product, contact Customer Service at 1-800-551-2443 for return authorization within 60 days of receiving your product. Units returned after this period, which do not have Customer Service authorization, may be refused and may not be eligible for refund.

Slendertone Warranty Returns

SDI would like you to be completely happy with your purchase. However, if you believe your goods have been damaged, or if a fault appears during the 2 year warranty period applicable to the goods received, please contact Customer Service on 1-800-551-2443 for further help. If your problem cannot be resolved by telephone, then we will ask you to return any affected goods to SDI.

Return Instructions

The following conditions must be met: If you wish to return the Product under your money-back guarantee or have received incorrect or unwanted goods: 

1. Call Customer Service on 1-800-551-2443.
2. Make a note of the Return Material Authorization (RMA) reference code, which will be issued to you by Customer Service and which is required when returning incorrect or unwanted goods. Please ensure the product is clearly labeled with the RMA reference and that you quote your RMA reference code in all correspondence relating to this matter, including on the return form provided on the reverse side of the packing list.

3. The order must be returned in its original packaging. Customer Service will advise you how to return the item. 
4. Upon receipt of your item, we will refund using the method by which the order was paid for. Any items received outside the aforementioned trial period may not be eligible for refund, unless this has been authorized by Slendertone.
5. We request that you return your item within 10 days of receiving RMA authorization. After this time, the return may be refused and may not be eligible for refund.

If goods are damaged or faulty:

If you believe your goods have been delivered faulty or damaged, or a fault appears during the two-year warranty applicable to your goods, please refer to the following steps: 

1. Call Customer Service on 1-800-551-2443

2. Our trained customer service agents will carry out troubleshooting to establish if your goods are being used incorrectly or if they are actually faulty. If they believe your goods to be faulty or damaged they may ask you to return the goods to Slendertone.

3. If we require your item to be returned, you will be issued with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) reference, which will be required when returning your damaged or faulty goods. Please ensure the product is clearly labelled with the RMA reference and that you quote your RMA reference code in all correspondence relating to this matter.

4. Once the faulty product has been received (if required), Slendertone will send you a replacement product. (The Slendertone 2 year warranty provides for replacement only - refunds are not provided for by the 2 year warranty).

Terms and Conditions:

All goods returned to Slendertone, whether returned under the trial offer or as incorrect, unwanted, damaged or faulty will only be accepted according to the following terms and conditions: 

* All goods must be clearly labelled with the RMA number.

* All goods are the customer's responsibility until delivered to Slendertone. We therefore recommend you use a trackable delivery service when returning items to   us (UPS or FedEx, for example)

* Any items received without return authorization (in the form of an RMA number) may be refused and returned. Please make sure you obtain authorization from Slendertone Customer Service prior to returning any item.

* Customers who did not purchase directly from SDI are advised to keep proof of purchase, which may be requested by Customer Services in order to establish warranty coverage.
* It is not our policy to refund shipping and handling for either the original or return shipment.

* All goods must be received within 10 days of RMA authorization. Any items received after this time may no longer be consider authorized for return and may be returned to you.