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Abs3® Replacement Controller

US $24.99

For use with Abs3 Abdominal Muscle Toner. Previously called Flex Pro/7P.

2 Years Warranty
Abs3® Replacement Controller
US $24.99

The visual and audio LCD display guides you through your session.

For use with Abs3 Abdominal Muscle Toner.

Battery operated, 3 AAA batteries included.

FDA Cleared, clinically demonstrated, extensively researched

Slendertone Abs3 utilizes innovative electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) tech to contract the crucial abdominal muscles. This is similar to how your brain emits signals to the muscles during workouts or everyday activities, like maintaining an upright posture at your desk or lugging heavy shopping bags.

The innovative placement of the gel pads ensures that every abdominal muscle is worked, including the transversus abdominis, which helps tighten your waistline like a corset.

With over 50 years of medical expertise and clinical trials, you can rest assured that our ab machines help you maximize your toning program.

Slide the unit into the holder on the front of the belt, ensuring the hole on the base of the unit is aligned with the pin in the holder.

The unit will click into place when fully inserted.

You should always insert and remove the unit by sliding it in or out diagonally. Previously called Flex Pro/7P.