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ReVive Muscle Conditioner

US $99.99 Save US $30.00 Was US $129.99

6 advanced toning programs for full-body conditioning and rehabilitation. Promote recovery and rejuvenation and improve muscle performance.

2 Years Warranty
ReVive Muscle Conditioner
US $99.99 Save US $30.00 Was US $129.99
  • Full-body benefits

    • 6 exercise and recovery programs engineered to work and rejuvenate 10 essential muscle groups: the abdominal muscles, upper and lower back, biceps and triceps, bottom, shoulders, calves, and the back and front of the thighs.
    • Keeping these key muscles conditioned and relaxed can help you boost performance in the gym and alleviate aches after long working weeks and tough training sessions. It also helps improve how you feel while performing simple, day-to-day activities, including walking or carrying heavy grocery bags.
  • Push yourself harder

    • The ‘Trigger’ button on your controller delivers a continuous contraction for as long as you hold it, so that you can personalize and intensify every session.
  • Easy to control

    • Customize the intensity levels of every session with ease using our simple handheld controller.

Slendertone Money Back Guarantee 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You will see results in a matter of 6-8 weeks. We are 100% committed to your health and happiness, and want your absolute satisfaction as a Slendertone customer.  If you are unsatisfied, you have a full 60 days from the date of purchase to request a full, prompt refund. 

FDA Cleared, clinically demonstrated, extensively researched

Slendertone ReVive® utilizes innovative electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) tech to contract the crucial abdominal muscles. This is similar to how your brain emits signals to the muscles during workouts or everyday activities, like maintaining an upright posture at your desk or lugging heavy shopping bags.

Complete 5 toning sessions each week for 6-8 weeks to help:

  • Promote muscle recovery and rejuvenation.
  • Improve overall muscle performance.
  • Combine Slendertone sessions with a healthy diet and active lifestyle for best results.
  • For maximum comfort and effectiveness, replace your gel pads after 20-30 sessions.
  • Never apply pads to the head, face or neck; simultaneously on both sides of the chest; simultaneously on front and back of the thorax; over skin abrasions or inflammations.

What’s in the box?

  • Slendertone ReVive® handheld controller
  • 2x Leads (to connect your device and pads)
  • 2x gel pads (to get your started)
  • 9V battery
  • Quick-start guide and manual
  • Durable travel pouch