Abs® Replacement Pads All Belts

US $12.99

Compatible with Slendertone Connect, Abs7, Abs5 and Abs3 toning belts.

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2 Years Warranty
Abs® Replacement Pads All Belts
US $12.99
  • Optimise performance

    • The grid on the pads distributes the toning pulses evenly and effectively. This maximises comfort and optimises muscle targeting.
  • Anti-allergenic

    • Biocompatibility-tested, medical grade hydrogel minimises the risk of irritation (even on sensitive skin).

Follow these simple steps to use your new gel pads:

  • To extend the life of your gel pads, wipe your skin before toning and replace the pad covers afterwards (these are included).
  • We recommend replacing your gel pads every 20-30 toning sessions.

Included in the box:

  • Replaceable abs toning gel pads.
  • Protective plastic covers