How do our abs machines strengthen your core and tone your abs?

Every abs belt in our core strengthening and ab toning range has been designed to efficiently target all of the key muscles in the abdominal region.

Our most high-tech, app-controlled belt offers a personalised training programme with custom coaching and motivation, interactive toning plans, workout reminders and progress tracking.

Core and abdominal toner with 10 high-intensity workouts and handheld, rechargeable controller (compatible with our Arms product).

Abs and core trainer with 10 high-intensity toning programs and simple, belt-mounted control.

Abs and core trainer with 7 high-intensity toning programs and simple, belt-mounted control.

Progress tracker | App control | Custom workouts

10 abs toning programs | 3 Specialised workouts | Interchangeable control

10 abs toning programs | 3 Specialised workouts | Simple on-belt control

7 abs toning programs | Simple on-belt control

What Makes Slendertone Technology So Unique?

Slendertone uses electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, which emits pulses to the nerves to contract the abdominal muscles. This imitates core and ab exercises like planks, sit-ups, stomach crunches and other bodyweight workouts.

Slendertone works the rectus abdominis (also known as the ‘six pack’) and inner and outer obliques, but, unlike most ab machines on the market, our ab trainers also activate your deep, difficult to tone transversus abdominis.

The transversus abdominis muscle is responsible for a firmer and flatter stomach, improved posture (especially if you experience back pain or work at a desk) and enhanced pelvic stability (which assists balance and control in everyday life and activities like yoga and Pilates). With a Slendertone ab toner it’s much easier to engage, strengthen and train this essential abdominal muscle.

To give your core and abs an even more intense session, we recommend using your Slendertone belt to compliment walking, abs exercises, bodyweight circuits, core training and yoga and Pilates classes. You can even squeeze in an abs training session when you’re walking the dog or sitting at your desk.

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