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How do our gel pads work?

Our unique three-layer gel pads are positioned specifically on our belts and toners to ensure optimal muscle targeting, on and around the pad’s surface.

The pads are constructed with highly anti-allergenic, medical grade ‘hydrogel’, which uses water as a conductor between your muscles and the electronic studs on your training device.

The printed grid on the gel pads allows the muscle-stimulating pulses to spread evenly, for maximum comfort and the most effective muscle stimulation.

Without the grid, the electrical pulses would not spread as much, leading to greater current density and potentially less comfortable toning sessions.

What do they feel like?

The gel pads can feel cold on the skin, but this sensation is quickly forgotten when your start a workout.

The adhesive properties of your pads eventually expire, which is why we recommend replacing them every 20-30 sessions.

How can I help them last longer?

Clean your skin before a workout

  • Use a wet wipe to remove any skin debris, moisturiser or lotion which could damage your gel pads.

Cover your pads after every session

  • The plastic covers which come with your gel pads are replaceable, so that you can protect them after toning.
  • Don’t worry if you’ve lost or thrown them away! Any dry, smooth plastic surface will suffice.

Hydrate your hydrogel

  • When you start to see signs of wear on your pads (see below), sprinkle a few drops of water on them to rehydrate their water-based composition.
  • It’s also advised to not remove pads from your belt or toner until they need replacing with new ones.

How do I know if they need replacing?

Slendertone GelPads

When your gel pads aren’t sticking to your skin properly, that’s a good indicator that you might need new ones. Here are the other tell-tale signs:

You’re not getting the intensity you want

  • If the muscle stimulation isn’t as strong as you’re used to or you can’t work at your usual intensity level, the pads may need replacing.

The pad surface is uneven and flakes off

  • If the surface feels especially uneven or bits of the pad start to flake off or stick to your skin, you may need new pads.
  • If the pad surface is uneven the EMS pulses cannot be distributed as effectively. This means that you won’t be getting the most out of your training.

If it’s pierced of torn, replace immediately

  • If your toning session feels unusually uncomfortable the pad may be torn or pierced.
  • When this happens, the EMS pulses are not being distributed evenly. To improve comfort and toning effectiveness, we recommend ordering new pads as soon as you can.
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